Best Cannabis Business Social Networks

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Are you looking for likeminded people within the Cannabis Industry to network with? Trust me, we have all tried linkedin, facebook, twitter, reddit and a ton others. It doesn’t really work and most times it is very spammy and “sales pitch” focused non stop.

I am working on building the cannabis business social network and once it goes live YOU will be the first to know about it. Right now I have the domain name ( to be released publicly at a later date ) and the full concept behind it.

Feel free and check back and bookmark this page so you will be the first to know once the site goes live. You can also sign up for my newsletter which is on my homepage and you will get alerted the moment it goes live.

Why Join Secret Cannabis Business Social Networks Without Getting Hazed

Doesn’t it remind you of a secret society or some sort of club that only the elite are involved in? LOL, see stoners are paranoid even when it comes to business contacts and who we socialize with online.

Most of us can’t simply share our business on regular social networks due to our actual careers or even friends/family opinions on the topic.

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a place that is OUTSIDE of the regular social sites that are dedicated and specific to the cannabis industry as a whole?

I think it makes too much damn sense and is why I am currently building it! I will still keep supporting all of the current communities, social sites and forums that are related to cannabis though. I am not going anywhere and hope YOU continue supporting them as well.

There are plenty of social networks online for the marijuana industry BUT there is so much spam it hurts my head. I am not sure if you have checked them out BUT it seems easier to locate business contacts in forums versus the so called social networks within our niche.

Top 18 Cannabis Business Social Networks

  1. grasscity
  2. weedlife
  3. weedable
  4. massroots
  5. duby
  6. leafwire
  7. jointbudz
  8. weedmaps
  9. budhubz
  10. mj mary jane
  11. mj link
  12. 420 singles
  13. 420 magazine
  14. high there
  15. weed circles
  16. cannaSOS
  17. Kushcommon
  18. Smoke Network

What Are The Current Cannabis Business Social Networks Missing?

I am currently working on what I am going to consider as the best cannabis business social network for 2023. Marijuana forums are one of the best options for growers and smokers and the businesses that support them can converse in a safe yet anonymous style.

You really should look into the various marijuana forums that have thousands and even 10s of thousands of members who are active contributors.

Many of the above social networks are missing that “anonymous feel” that many of us 420 friendly people want.

That is why I am so excited at the future social network that I am working on that will fix MOST of the current issues I see in ALL of the current social sites for those of us in the marijuana industry as business owners, affiliates, influencers and so on.

Finding Business Contacts Through Marijuana Growing Forums

The first thing is, does it work? Yes it works BUT… With marijuana forums you can’t just jump in there with a couple comments/posts and then ask for people to buy your sh*t.

If you want to advertise to the marijuana growers of the world however, advertising with marijuana forums will offer an amazing ROI. If you spam or do something shady however it can collapse your company fast. You will end up blacklisted from most ( if not all ) marijuana grower circles around the net.

If you are an actual grower then you can fit in great. Now, if you are someone who is simply getting into the industry solely for the money ( nothing wrong with that either ) I would suggest you not push your warez in forums until you show us that you are an asset.

420CashFlow Marijuana Business Social Networking Forum

Yes, that is correct. I am building ( what I will consider to be ) the go to place for everyone within our industry to connect and support each others businesses, ideas, ventures, websites and so on.

This is for the “little guy” and not going to cater to the “big box” companies. Those big companies trying to come in and take over the entire industry is NOT something I would promote ever. There is nothing wrong with capitalism at all BUT there are plenty of crumbs all over the industry that we can all eat ( and eat well damn it ).

Right now, I want to offer a place for the average joe to be able to come and learn how to generate a profit or connect with a business with a product that could.

The best part though is that this is the perfect opportunity for us “Average Joes” to get a piece of the pie finally. With the various legalization and straight up decriminalization happening in states and even countries the GREEN RUSH in at our doorsteps!!!

What Will The Perfect Cannabis Business Social Network Offer

Honestly it needs to be a blend of what is already out there. I think that linkedin, facebook and twitter have some great attributes BUT they are missing the privacy aspect that many of us still want to keep.

The whole”not so in the public view” is pretty important to stoners and always has been.. Not that anything we are doing is illegal but due to the misconceptions that still exist when outsiders look into our industry.

Now there are forums that have done amazing for our community but is missing alot of what the main social networks offer. I think the old school myspace ( dating myself here on age dang it lol ) blended many of the above BEFORE any of them ever existed.

You had the “wall” plus the ability to change your page to how you like it but also join various forum style conversations within your “likes” ie: industry. I remember my 100k+ “friends” and thinking I was the king of the internet LOL. Good times for sure.

Man do you remember how important it was back then, the whole friend count? It was huge but hell, look at the social media influencer list nowadays and it is getting crazier each and every day. There is plenty of money out there though and getting in touch with the right influencer, company or product can really get you LAUNCHED.

Stay tuned for the prelaunch sign up form so you will be one of the first to be notified when I make the site live! Sending positive growers karma to everyone reading this – The Aard Vark

What Are the Benefits Of Joining A Social Network For Those Of Us In The Cannabis Industry?

There are plenty of benefits obviously. If you are going to participate in the social part of the network then it could be alot of fun. If you are only wanting to spam your links or post your warez then you might think that it “for some reason” has a terrible conversion rate ( based on your time/effort involved ).

This community is different than any others that I have ever been apart of ( and for good reason ). There are certain places around the world where the cannabis plant is still banned, illegal or just looked down on as if people who smoke weed are druggies or something PISS OFF WITH THAT B.S.!

There are parents, kids, people in high society ( nice play on the words there LOL ) and most people in any decent career that have to worry about b.s. drug tests for a PLANT. With that struggle ( that we all have dealt with through the years sadly ) comes the need for anonymity that normally isn’t found in other industries.