Best LED Grow Light For A 4×4 Grow Tent

What Is The Best LED Grow Light For A 4×4 Grow Tent

When you are looking for a solid led grow light for your 4×4 grow tent there are a few things you need to remember. Are you going to use this 4×4 tent solely for flowering or is it going to be for veg?

You might want a decent all around grow light that can do veg and flower cycles and adjust the led spectrum depending on what growth cycle your plants are currently in.

The best led grow light for a 4×4 grow tent is one that is equivalent to a 600w hps grow light or a 1k hps grow light. You can push a ton of light with the new led grow lights compared to the ones of the past. You need to get a dual spectrum or full spectrum led grow light to get the best of both worlds.

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Best Veg Led Grow Light For 4×4 Tent

Back in the day the best led grow lights for veg were called “blurple” LOL. There are still plenty being sold but you need to realize that that is OLD TECH. New growers might think that they need the blue spectrum to get the blue spectrums that a vegging marijuana plant needs and that is just not true anymore.

The best led grow light for veg in a 4×4 tent is a full spectrum or a led grow light that you can dial in or switch between veg/flower spectrums or run both.

I have a few companies that I love to run and would trust to always work and never lose diodes ( like the cheap chinese shit does to us all the time ). Most that I run are produced in the United States and I suggest supporting American and Canadian made led grow light companies as best you can.

Best Flower Led Grow Light For 4×4 Tent

Now with flower led grow lights there are far more options. If you want a specific flower led grow light I would still go with full spectrum versus that super bright RED BLINDING RED light. I don’t really care to try and grow by brail LOL and I like my eyes and would prefer to not be blind or wear some weird ass “grower shades”. Full spectrum led grow lights also make it much easier to see anything wrong with your plants.

With a deep red spectrum it is hard to tell if your plants are yellowing, harder to check for pests and in the end should be updated to full spectrum. Do they work? Of course they work BUT what spectrum would YOU prefer working in? One that doesn’t give you headaches and makes life easier for you to work with your girls OR a blurple or deep red spectrum where you need to wear special shades to do the basic husbandry chores with your plants?

Best Full Spectrum Led Grow Light For 4×4 Tent

Many of the led grow lights featured above are full spectrum led lights. You can get specific flower and/or veg led grow lighting but a few years ago you still needed one for veg and one for flower. Those days are over and full spectrum grow lighting really is the way to grow.

You can see the current discounts on full spectrum led grow lights below and choose the one that works for you and your grow area. These led grow lights do not have to be specific to a 4×4 grow tent BUT for the most part you want to estimate needing an equivalent to a 600 watt or 1000 watt hps or mh grow light.

Many have and do fit a 1k led grow light in a 2×4 grow tent and yes it can work IF you can deal with temps and airflow. You also need to adjust the light above the plants canopy and move it up or down depending on the light intensity and if it looks like you are getting light bleaching for having the panels too close to the top of the canopy.

All you really need to do is focus on the temps and airflow and you can juice the hell out of the led wattage and give those plants stretch marks due to growing so damn fast.

Click anywhere in the above image to go immediately to the current led grow light discount codes available from ALL the top led grow light manufactures currently. You are not going to find cheapo lights that die after a few cycles though. These led panels have quality diodes, quality ballasts and quality wiring. I have ran plenty of cheapo knock offs to know that I was simply just throwing my money away trying to go cheap on the ONE THING that will grow better bud.

There are also the diy option with led grow lights. You can pick up a ballast, the led diodes and the wiring and build your own. I have done this plenty of times and it is pretty fun. The one thing that people think though is that if you “do it yourself” you are somehow going to save money.  NOPE, it really is close on the pricing when you piece the parts out ( specifically when it is priced against chinese or knock offs ).

Quality led grow lights and their ballasts are priced differently. Most have their own “in house” spectrum that can’t really be duplicated ( as far as quality goes ). You will also get a warranty from a company right here in the good ol’ United States of America!!! Merica! (-;

Do not skimp on the quality of the led grow lights you buy!

How Many Led Watts For 4×4 Grow Tent

The best amount of “wattage” for a 4×4 grow tent is to run the equivalent of a 600 watt hps grow light at minimum but I would suggest you run either 2 600w led grow lights OR a 1k led grow light. I have ran 2k watts in a 4×4 and the buds were HUGE. More is best when it comes to lumens and watts. If you are capable of dealing with the temps and keeping the airflow UP in the tent then the yields will be insane.

I would run 2 600w led grow lights in a 4×4 tent at minimum but many have ran 400w to 1000w and have been more than happy with the results they got. In my honest opinion though, if you are going to run plants for 60+ days in flower then why waste your time with a lesser amount of led watts?

You can get yourself a light meter and test your light intensity at various heights. Hydrofarm has a decent one but nicer models can get expensive fast. Is this a mandatory step? Nope, most lights have had these tests done to them already and can be found online.

What Size Led Grow Light For Other Tent Sizes?

I am putting together complete posts on most sized tents and the led grow lights that would fit them. I have 4 of the most common grow tent sizes and will get video and images together and take some light par meter tests on them and share my findings with all of you.

With a 4×4 grow tent you will estimate 1000 watts ( equivalent ) in led grow light POWER lol. Now you can assume that a 2×4 tent will take anywhere from a 400w to 600w of led juice flowing to get solid buds. The main thing is to keep the HEAT DOWN and airflow UP UP UP. You can cram 2k watts in a small area just fine IF you can keep the temps in check.

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