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True North Seed Bank

Let’s get straight to the facts, True North Seed Bank is one of the trusted online seed banks that I would recommend ordering seeds from. They have a solid reputation when it comes to the legitimacy of their seeds ( legit breeders packs ) and their ability to ship discreetly all over the world.

Check the prices on any of the featured Marijuana Seed Breeders RIGHT HERE and don’t forget to enter the discount code 20AS-661091 to save a TON on your entire order. 20% and 30% discounts plus free feminized regular and auto seeds with your order.

There are a decent amount of breeders who sell their beans through true north. Here is a short list (in no particular order) of some of my favorite breeders who offer their genetics through truenorth.

  • Karma Genetics
  • Resin Seeds
  • Ace Seeds
  • Reserva Privada
  • Brothers Grimm

True North Seed Bank has been around for many years. Some years better than others but they have stuck in there providing quality genetics from legit marijuana seed breeders. I would focus more on the breeder first THEN the seed bank.

I have a few seedbanks that I usually order through. There are times however when a specific strain from a very specific breeder isn’t available and I have to try and source them other places online.

Not all seed banks are created equal but luckily there are a solid 5-10 of them online that have came through for me 99% of the time. With that, there are 3 that have came through for me 100% of the time.

They do offer a decent amount of breeders to choose from. I do think that seedsman seeds does a better overall job selection wise BUT they come in a solid 3rd amongst my favorites currently. Having bigger shipping issues lately has made things more difficult to get peoples seed orders to them faster than 2-3 weeks.

It is very rare however to NOT get your seeds. Something had to really mess up along the way and NO it is not due to the cops or dea or some weird government going through your sh*t ( damn paranoid stoners LOL ). Most times the code on the package got jacked up, got smashed up in the sorter OR just ended up somewhere else ( lucky them ).

You can get shipping insurance so they will send another pack IF something goes wrong. I have never done that nor have I ever felt the need to buy merch to “disguise” my order as if a pack of seeds wrapped with a tshirt is somehow going to trick someone about something LOL.

True North Seed Bank Reviews [2023 Updated]

With plenty of reviews when it comes to true north on their website, coupon sites, review sites and social media. I have seen a couple negative reviews but they are one of the larger online seed banks so it really doesn’t surprise me to see some bad reviews. You can’t please everyone which I know we all understand.

There are seedbanks like the attitude seed bank for example who really took a hit with customers a few years ago and are still struggling to recover. Within our industry, trust and keeping your word really matters, don’t you agree? I know I sure as hell do. We are like elephants and even though you would think potheads would forget alot, getting screwed out of seeds or “weight” when buying is always something we remember.

My favorite seed bank is seedsman and who I go through when ordering my marijuana seeds. I do believe in showing other options to my readers but I would still always recommend going through seedsman seeds for all your cannabis seed orders.

I have had great success with true north and a few other seed banks over the years. It really comes down to a few things for me. There are some great promotions through the different seed banks throughout the year. You know that the 420 promos rock and you can really end up with a ton of free seeds by ordering from a couple different seed banks.

True North Seed Bank Discount Code [2023 Coupon Codes]

From what I can tell they really do not offer a discount code / coupon code like seedsman does BUT they do offer an instant 30% discount code if you sign up for their newsletter.

Here is a screenshot I took on the true north seed bank discount code page on their site.

I couldn’t find any of discount codes but if I do I will make sure and post those in this section as I update my website daily/weekly depending on the current promotions with the various seed banks that I am happy to talk about.

When I find coupon codes for True North I will make sure and toss them on this page. You can also sign up for my newsletter and get updates on all promotions as well. Within that newsletter is also the key to making a passive income online IN the marijuana industry but SSSSSHHH don’t tell everybody.

There does seem to be ebb and flow with the reliability and “favorite seed banks” when it comes to us growers. I have ordered through certain seedbanks solely due to wanting a very specific seed pack.

You can tell just like I do, breeders tend to prefer one seed bank over another and many times only offer their genetics through 1 or maybe a small handful of seed banks. Like I have said before though, go for the strain and breeder BEFORE the seed bank or you will be disappointed when you see the seed pack is unavailable or out of stock.

As you can see, there are a few different bogo type promotions going on all the time but make sure they are not of old or “dusty shelf” seeds. You do not want to pay $10 a seed for something that might have been in stock for far too long and is now losing its higher germination rates.

Now I have germinated 5+ year old stubborn marijuana seeds no problem. You can easily germinate really old seeds BUT your germinate rates will be lessened. Take the germ rates into account when thinking about buying discounted or drastically discounted seed packs from any seed bank whether online or in person.

True North Seed Bank Shipping Time

Shipping times are not bad but during covid most shipping times have been extended but should speed up as the year goes forward. True North Seed Bank will ship discreetly to the United States and it can take up to 2 weeks for your order to hit your door step.

Overall though, shipping from Canada hasn’t been too bad even during all of these lockdown issues we keep having. I mean come on, it is right next door LOL I would hope we can get some seeds to the states pretty damn fast.

Smelliest Weed Strains From True North Seed Bank

Here is a short list of some of the smelliest weed strains offered through true north. Now you can make your buds LOUD LOUD but that comes down to genetics plus your plant husbandry skills.

  • The True Og Feminized Seeds
  • Cheese Feminized Seeds
  • Original Skunk #1 Feminized Seeds
  • Amnesia Feminized Seeds

You can also focus on taking some of the stinkiest phenotypes you locate when growing and start creating your own crosses as well. Get something really stinky going lol. How could a skunk x cheese not smell like some of the funkiest buds ever LOL.

See I know there are crosses of it out there, now I need to go locate them and give them a good ol’ personal taste test and find out for myself. If you have tried a cross or hybrid of the two feel free and share your experiences with me anytime.

Sending positive growers karma your way – The Aard Vark