How To Make Money With Marijuana Affiliate Programs in 2024


Check Out This Huge List Of “Marijuana Domain Names” That You Can Register Right Now Through ANY Registrar Of Your Choice! I wanted to give you a bonus for checking out my entire homepage – The AardVark

Marijuana Affiliate Programs

Check Out This Huge List Of “Marijuana Domain Names” That You Can Register Right Now Through ANY Registrar Of Your Choice! I wanted to give you a bonus for checking out my entire homepage – The AardVark

Marijuana Affiliate Program Training [2024 Updated]

 Now that we are in 2024 the Marijuana Affiliate Programs are getting huge. We just had a ton of different states legalize marijuana and other countries for that matter.

I have decided to provide my marijuana affiliate program marketing strategies within my newsletter which you can sign up for COMPLETELY FREE further down the page. You will learn the easy and free methods that have worked for me over the last decade marketing affiliate programs specifically within the cannabis industry.

 With the decriminalization and legalization laws getting better almost daily ( it seems like it lately lol ) there is a huge opportunity to generate some fun passive income in the marijuana industry. 

 Marijuana Affiliate Earnings Screenshots

 Here is one of my affiliate earnings (screenshots below) currently and I will show you what has worked for me to produce these results with MOST ( you really can’t say all ) online marijuana affiliate programs. I have done pretty decent over the years and with the latest google update BIG THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET GOOD!

 Before this latest update, it was pretty difficult to compete in online marketing ESPECIALLY within our industry. There are large companies with the ability to have large backlink databases that us average joes just couldn’t compete with.

Due to their ability to have so many backlinks, that meant that they were ranked further up in the google rankings than we ever could get. Now with the latest changes, CONTENT IS KING once again and hope this leads to big things for the average blogger.

There are a few that I have tried ( and tried LOL ) but they just didn’t pan out at all for me. You might have better luck with some BUT I want to only focus on what has worked for me.

 Run what you brung and go with what works (-; at least that is the way I am doing it. Trial and error is never a bad thing especially when you learn from your mistakes and continue to expand your knowledge based on what HAS worked.

 Specifically with Marijuana Affiliate Programs that is. There are about 10 programs that I personally am generating monthly income with as of January 2022.

 Over the years I can’t really count how many I have tested but if I were to guess I would say at least 50-75 of them. Many sadly flop after a few months and others have been around for over a decade and are still rocking it! You need to find products that YOU LOVE and not focus specifically how much money you will make.

Marijuana Affiliate Programs That Pay The Highest Commissions

 This is something that people ask me about all the time. “What is the affiliate program that will earn me a thousand bucks per sale”? Nothing in life is free and nothing in life is easy.

For those solely interested on high paying marijuana affiliate programs, here is a screenshot of some BUT sign up for my newsletter below and you will get high paying and high converting program details based on my current tests.

 There are certain affiliate programs that pay a few bucks and others that pay $50 $500 and yes $1k+ and people buy all of these items every day of the week. One thing that isn’t told to new affiliate marketers is that those high ticket items are very hard to compete in “niche wise”.

You need to find solid “in between” items and I have that dialed in perfect for the at home solo weed blogger ( like me lol ). Why try and get people to spend a buck and get you pennies versus focusing on commissions in the $40 to $400 range.

This is right in the wheelhouse of converting offers ( from my tests so far ) and I will let you check out my details and what has been working in my newsletter.


Professional Marijuana Affiliate Marketers Training

 The current set of professional marketers currently in a specific market needs to be considered. Are you trying to target “led grow lights” and hope to get above all the current manufacturers and “6 and 7 figure affiliates”? I have tested plenty of affiliate program training courses, seminars, pdf downloads, memberships JUST TO NAME A FEW lol!!!

If you can take one tip, one suggestion or one idea and have it generate traffic, sales or knowledge then I believe it is more than worth buying or paying for. My newsletter however is going to be free.

Marijuana Affiliate Marketing Newsletter Content

  • killer domain names that you can register that are actively available
  • great blog titles that will rank title lists
  • youtube marijuana marketing tips
  • and a ton more TOTALLY FREE!

Whether you are a seed breeder, social media influencer, 420 friendly product creator, cbd dropshipper or whatever, I know I can help you get more traffic based on the latest white hat, google friendly content creation suggestions that will WORK in 2022.

Do not buy back links, do not buy social signals, do not keyword stuff and do not buy articles from random people online. Nothing that used to work is going to work moving forward. This might sound like a bad thing but really think about it.

If you are targeting US specific traffic and “buyers”, you will have the ability to write in an “American Style” accent compared to anyone else who isn’t fluent in english ( american slang specifically ) or has it as a secondary language. The amount of backlinks these sites had will now mean far far less and man am I excited about that part specifically.

This obviously will work great for country specific marketing in your specific country as well. This can be a win for everyone around the globe. Content and by content I mean UNIQUE CONTENT will allow you to outrank your competition AND make a solid passive monthly income.



 Just a fast little tip, instead of going after the hard main term phrases why not focus on the much easier phrases that get less traffic BUT none of the heavy hitters are caring to target. 

 If you go after the less targeted keyword phrases guess what will happen? You will start to get more and more quality traffic going through and using your affiliate links.

 As you can see from the list above. Which “led grow light” keyword phrases do you think have the most competition? Yes the main phrase itself BUT as you search more into it you see less competitive keywords listed further and further down the list.

 I will show you ( what I learned over the years, many years LOL ) how to locate these less competitive keywords that still generate sales of most ( if not all ) marijuana affiliate programs WITHOUT having to compete with the big boys and girls.

Why Should I Join Marijuana Affiliate Programs 

 To get straight to the point. When they go and buy the item you will get a commission just for helping them find what they were looking for. You get paid passively month in and month out PLUS you get to send out positive karma by helping others in the marijuana scene.

What Are The Best Affiliate Programs For Stoners

 Using my super simple strategies ( found only in my FREE NEWSLETTER ) you will be able to locate the perfect marijuana affiliate programs and how to market them correctly and more importantly EASILY.

 All it will take is a little bit of effort on your part ( producing content ie: writing simple blog posts and pages ) and then getting them out to the masses online ( I will show you how to do this free ).

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Check Out This Huge List Of “Marijuana Domain Names” That You Can Register Right Now Through ANY Registrar Of Your Choice! I wanted to give you a bonus for checking out my entire homepage – The AardVark