Master Grower Certification Online

Master Grower Certification Online

Get yourself started in the right direction by getting your master grower certification online. With the rise in stay at home jobs, why not get yourself certified online as well. You can always get a master grower job BUT it is a great time to get your master grower certification online versus in person.

How To Get Master Grower Certified Online?

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Get Your Master Grower Certification Today

As the lockdowns start to calm down, there will be many positions available in a ton of collectives and dispensaries all over the United States, Canada and many other countries all over the world.

Many states just legalized medical and recreational (started January 1st 2021) which means that more marijuana related business will have the ability to open up.

Keep reading so you can see exactly what a master grower does and the many different career choices that are available for you.

Many are full time and others are part time WITH full time pay but they all pay on average $100k+ Per Year!

What Does The Term Master Grower Mean?

The term Master Grower itself is self explanatory. A certified master grower knows the abc’s and ins and outs of everything there is to do with growing marijuana. Most have spent years if not decades perfecting their craft and it shows in their finished product.

You can be on your way towards growing that “green thumb” by completing one or more of the certification programs that I will detail below. One of the advantages when starting out in the marijuana industry is you will be certified while your potential competition ( others wanting the same job ) are odds are just stoned LOL.

What Are The Master Grower Job Requirements?

Normally a cannabis master grower would need a bachelor’s degree or other industry specific degree in soil sciences, plant biology or even cannabis specific certifications. With the rise of Covid and other social distancing needs many in person college classes are not available.

The days of having to go to a university or city college to get a degree (as mandatory) is long gone. We have the ability to learn most anything online and in a virtual setting. Keeps everyone safe and distanced while still allowing us the chance to advance our careers and incomes.

This is the PERFECT TIME to get your certification ( complete details further down the page ) online and get your foot in the door before the social distancing rules get more lax. Your specific job requirements themselves will be dependent on the career you decide to go towards.

You can work for a huge operation where there are tens of thousands of plants under your watchful eye and having a ton of helpers and apprentices helping you with the daily chores.

There are also many other needs within the collective and dispensary industry that will be perfect for those who do not want to actually be in the field working the dirt. You can offer a ton of solid advice within a dispensary setting and out of the weather. This btw is perfect for anyone with physical disabilities.

Remember though, if you want to get your hands dirty there are so many huge legal grow operations needing YOU in many states and countries around the world.

Travel will soon open up more and with that will come opportunity for those willing to get to work now and reap the rewards very soon. I have a few states in mind on the west and east coast (-; 

How Much Does A Master Grower Make A Year?

According to google the average is $104,000 but many making well over $120,000 per year. You can actually see the screenshot of the google search I did at the top of the page and see for yourself. I have received my certification and I will say that when it comes to training and growing marijuana, these courses are KILLING IT!

Now each state is different but in most larger cities WOWEE!!! You can pull $5k to $10k monthly just from being a master grower. You will have to put in work BUT for the money and the amount of “work” involved…

It is sooooo worth it. I am glad I did it when I did. If only for the skillset I learned without even having to mention the huge boost in my yearly income. Right now I am just taking various marijuana industry specific programs to review them. There are plenty of new websites popping up and I love checking out new content.

You might be like me and want to get as much knowledge as you can. Why wouldn’t you want to gain more knowledge which will allow you to continue to expand your point of view.

Master Grower Salary

Finding yourself somewhat narrowminded when it comes to this industry can bottleneck many people. I know I was like that before. This is how you grow, this is how you make extracts etc. By taking various online and in person classes I was able to break out of that idiotic mindset and start generating the money that I wanted to. It took a minute to get here but hell why not keep fighting for what you want in life.

I wanted 6 figures a year in our industry and many years I am there and others I get close. It is always a learning experience for me and love every minute of it. You could end up making high 6 figures or nothing at all. Nothing in life is free and that includes time and energy on your part.

You can also do a quick search for master grower jobs in your area or check on indeed. This really is a gold mine of a career and with this coronavirus lockdown/social distancing you will be on the ground floor as everything opens back up.

I have tried to share this info with as many people as possible. We all wish we could have gotten into bitcoin when it was under a buck a coin BUT it didn’t happen that way lol.

Do not let this “green rush” pass you by especially since you can get started and finished in a matter of months or sooner. I have heard of plenty of people knocking it out in under a month. You really can go from bored at home to on your way towards a successful career in months NOT years.

Are There Free Master Grower Courses Online I Can Take?

Well, there are many free tips, tools and suggestions on growing marijuana at home. Going from free to an actual certified program however leaves ALOT in the middle lol. One thing you could do is try and locate all the free “training” (if that is what you want to call it) online and see how it works for you.

After years of testing many programs ( free and paid ) over my 10+ years of growing and learning what works and especially what doesn’t work LOL I want to save YOU the trouble and money and show you what has worked for me and what will work for you.

The best way to get free training is to buy some seeds and start growing. Get your hands in the dirt and start growing your own “green thumb”. Many people need to learn by doing and others can learn by watching or being taught ( classroom style ).

I am a blend of both. After growing marijuana for well over a decade now, I also love taking all of the online courses and classes I can. It helps me stay current and in the know when it comes to the industry that I LOVE! To me, there is nothing that will teach you more than going from seed to harvest all on your own.

List Of Companies That Offer Master Grower Certification Courses Online

  • greenculturED
  •  cannabis training university
  •  thc university
  •  oaksterdam university
  •  HempStaff
  •  alaska cannabis institute
  •  cannabis training institute
  •  mary jane agency
  •  csc education
  •  cannabis industry institute
  •  ganjapreneur

How To Get Master Grower Certified Online?

Use code: BWS20 during checkout and get a HUGE DISCOUNT on the entire courses price just from using the BWS20 coupon code! If you have any questions or concerns about the program feel free and contact me anytime. – The AardVark


Get Your Master Grower Certification Today

ps: Sending Positive Growers Karma To You!

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