Marijuana Stocks To Buy

What Are The Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy And Invest In [2023]

There are plenty of great cannabis stocks to invest in especially now that we are in 2022! While the price per share matters, I suggest you look into the business itself when thinking about investing in any company ( whether it is within the marijuana industry or not.

The top cannabis stocks to buy right now would be

  • Canopy Growth under $26.45
  • Silver Spike Acquisition under $13.56
  • Aurora Cannabis under $10.17
  • Tilray under $9.63
  • Aphria under $8.86 

Keep reading to find out how to get one or more of the above marijuana stocks completely free! Remember I am sharing this information FOR FUN, do not get into stocks and start taking out seconds on your house trying to “come up”.

This page is to show you how I was able to get a decent amount of stocks totally free just by signing up for one trading app. If you invest, that is on you. I haven’t spent a penny and suggest you NOT spend any of your own money either.

The Top Marijuana Stocks For 2023

Do not be fooled by the red down arrows on the %. The stock market itself has been pretty rocky and the marijuana stocks are not immune to the ups and downs. The difference though, the marijuana industry was on its way up and was held back for a moment due to the coronavirus.

This will also work perfect with the buy low sell high mentality. The one thing to be on the look out for are the companies that are down and look to be collapsing or heading towards it. The research to me is more about being interested in our industry and not specifically about investing in marijuana stocks.

I like to see the latest and greatest companies that are popping up and if I can get a stock or two from these companies totally free, I WANT TO DO IT lol!

Other businesses and industries were already having struggles and issues BEFORE this b.s. crashed the world economy. I hope MOST of the industries come back but one that I know will come back stronger than ever is OURS!

The marijuana industry and the people within it will not stop, will not back down and will continue making sure that everyone around the world gets to enjoy and reap the rewards from our amazing plant.

It really is awesome that cannabis businesses are now trading on the stock market in 2022. I first noticed it in 2020 and joined robinhood and got a free stock. I sold that stock on robinhood ( that is automated btw ) and used the profit to buy my very own cannabis stocks.

That is also why I suggest you NOT get into day trading and stick to the long term game. We are going through various economic and political ups and downs and right now is the perfect time to buy low and HOLD!!!!!

How To Get A Free Marijuana Stock

Yeah, Yeah I know it sounds like a scam. I thought the same thing UNTIL I found out about ROBINHOOD. Now through robinhood you can buy and sell stocks through their app all from the comfort of your own home, your phone or on your computer or tablet.

Robinhood is used by a ton of people and best of all they have a cannabis specific section right in their robinhood app so you can see the prices go up anytime you want.

Now to the part about getting a free cannabis stock through robinhood part…

This link above will take you to the “Free Random Robinhood Stock” page.

You will watch it as 3 cards rotate around on your screen. It is up to you to pick one of the three cards and see which stock you won 100% free.

Yes, you can get a very expensive stock but you can also just get a couple dollar stock. I got one right in the middle and then sold it ( on the robinhood app ) AND in a day or two the money was in my robinhood account which I then used to start buying marijuana stocks.

If you are stuck trying to decide which company to invest in don’t worry, we all feel that way until we research the companies themselves. At the top of this page is the current top list that most investors are going after. I update that content as new data is released to me. These are only suggestions and it will be up TO YOU to decide what investment strategy you want to go after.

The one I chose was, free free free LOL. I won’t lose any money if I don’t invest any money (-; There are however some companies that I wouldn’t mind buying 100 shares of right now just due to being so dang cheap.

I wish I would have done that when everyone was laughing at bitcoin when it was under a buck assuming that bitcoins weren’t going to go anywhere. That is now approaching what? 50k??? Crazy times we live in folks.

How To Sign Up For Robinhood With No Bank Account or Credit Card Information Needed

I didn’t provide any bank information or credit card info or deposit anything at all through robinhood. During the sign up process it will ask if you want to link your bank account but there is a skip link that you need to click instead.

Right now I haven’t put any money in my robinhood account and now have almost 100 stocks without spending a single cent of my own money! You can attach a bank account if you want or add a credit or debit card ( I assume ) but just like gambling and casinos and lotto, BE CAREFUL lol. Never spend what you don’t have in hopes of generating more.

Play with “vacation money”, you know that money that you use when buying a $10 jar of peanuts at a hotel mini bar or an overpriced dinner for an anniversary and NOT your food or rent money.

What Free Stocks Can I Win Through Robinhood?

I am trying to remember which one I got. It was Ford or a solar panel company. Anyways, let’s say you get a stock that is worth $100. You can sell it through robinhood ( totally automated process you do NOTHING ) at the going stock price. After a couple days they release the funds into your robinhood account.

You can then use that money to buy new stocks. Many marijuana stocks are super cheap. You can take the profit from selling the first stock ( your free robinhood stock ) and turn that into 5-20 cannabis stocks instead!

Here are the details from Robinhood as far as what your odds are with the free stock

100% chance of getting a free stock

When you sign up and link your bank account, a surprise stock appears in your account. Certain limitations apply.

No money needed

You don’t need any money in your account to get your free stock.

You could get up to $216.47

You have a 1 in 50 chance of getting Microsoft ($216.47), Visa ($214.41), or Apple ($130.18).

You could get GE, Kinder Morgan, or 3D Systems

You have a 1 in 50 chance of getting GE, Kinder Morgan, or 3D Systems.

Start building your portfolio

Keep in mind 98% of awarded stocks will have a value of $10 or less. Let us help you get started with your financial future.

What Does The AardVark Suggest We Invest In?

I would still suggest investing in yourself versus other companies ( in the grand scheme of things and all ) but this could be a stepping stone to getting you on your way towards that path.

Being able to provide your own passive income online and at home is pretty sought after right now and is paying off pretty well for those of us who understand what it takes to not only get started but also to become successful.

Sending positive growers karma to everyone reading this and I hope your day has been amazing or starts to get amazing starting RIGHT NOW! The AardVark